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A husband and wife team doing what they can when they can. Trying to keep the world a tiny bit cleaner and given guidance by canine revolutionary Karl Barx. In our trusty steed dusty( our Dacia duster that we're modifying somewhat), we explore the country we call home but have never truly seen. Along the way, we try keeping it all as clean as we can and reuse what can be reused

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I like to try many things, in this way I can learn a great deal. My current focus is on writing however I dabble in music and other things . An Irish man, born in Barcelona and truly reborn in the St.Elias mountain range. I endeavour to improve and do what I can to repay the enormous debt i owe to this beautiful planet. -M-


My dad nicknamed me the defender because I'll passionately defend anyone or anything without a voice. I love animals, nature, trashy tv (I'll defend that too), and baking. I'm from Canada but have called Ireland home since 2013. Being from landlocked but beautiful Saskatchewan, I am constantly in awe of the ocean, -K-