Oceanic Artisanship

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The 6am cacophony stirred us from sleep. The cacophony of course was pre-programmed by me, to ensure I continue with the effort of waking at 6am. The weather was not kind today, dull grey skies and the ever present threat of rain. This is Ireland after all.

We agreed to continue our pre coffee ritual and head straight to the beach to walk our comrade and do a quick beach clean. We decided to visit a different part of the beach than our usual haunt. We had visited the day before but did not bring bags large enough to gather some of the rubbish. This morning however we arrived prepared, I would not walk away defeated by this trash a second time.

My two main rivals were a large clump of material (likely it was once a tent but was reduced by the recent winds) and a large green plastic bag. Both were removed and my small victory was achieved. The bag as it turns out was from a previous party’s beach clean. It must have escaped them and taken flight in the wind. No matter. The bag’s original purpose restored, we returned to Dusty as the heavens fired warning shots of light spray. As we reached our trusty steed, the heavens had tired of warning shots and unleashed their full barrage of heavy rain.

Later we returned to our usual location for our canine companions evening walk. Gloves were brought and rubbish gathered. However, this time the ocean offered payment by way of a piece of sea glass. At one time it had been simple clear glass but now had been speckled and worn by the waves; sand and wind. Transformed into a vague coin more beautiful than any mint could produce or doubloons from sunken spanish ships.

Payment received with gratitude

The ocean in all its innate artisanship had managed to transform our thoughtlessly discarded items into something of effortless beauty. It spoke to me of the world’s unending willingness to collaborate with us. To work with us to achieve something, if only we would work with it. I , grateful for this payment, took it happily. The fruit of the day’s labor coalesced into a beautiful gem of refined rubbish. The ocean’s work shows to me that it also agrees with reuse over rubbish and who am I to disagree with the ocean.

Sea glass always looks amazing but it’s also important we don’t use it as an excuse to just leave bottles on the beach or anywhere. Nature has a way of slowly wearing down the danger of our trash. It shouldn’t have to though, and we don’t always have the time to wait. Clean your trash and let nature focus its immense skills on the world as a whole and not simple pieces of glass. -M-

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