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You have probably asked yourself the above question countless times about a near infinite number of different actions, topics and even clothing choices. If you’ve come across our content you might have even asked yourself “Why do they do this?” That’s easy to answer, we do it for a variety of reasons. We do it to keep wildlife safe from our trash, to pay respects to the land. We try to reduce the amount of waste and use what we can, we do it to keep some beauty in the world. We do it to ensure we spend quality time together outside in these confusing and busy days.

They may not be the answers you were looking for; they might even be disappointing. There may be the possibility that your question is more specific. Maybe your question is along the lines of “Why do this when the world is falling apart?”. Well that is a much harder question to answer. It is burdened with apathy; it is weighed down by despair and it is made impotent by grief.  The WWF (the wildlife one, not the wrestling one) recently released a report that states “the catastrophic decline” of the world’s wildlife is not slowing down any time soon.  I have zero doubt that this news has caused many people to question the point of their actions. If the world is so unsavable then why bother at all?

With the spectre of inevitable loss hanging over us, how do we find the will to play the game? Do we think that our actions will change the world? We certainly hope so but that’s not what drives us. I could write a plethora of fancy sounding words that try to delve into the philosophy of our reasoning and decision. The answer, however, is disappointingly basic. We do this because we choose to.  

I have the ability to take action and so I do. That’s it. That may not feel like an answer, which is why it is a very difficult question to answer but hear me out.

For me the feeling of taking action (no matter how slight) is better than the feeling of apathy. The end result is not the goal, especially considering the information that is constantly being released. There are people who may think that it is pointless to even try, or that doing something so small is irrelevant and we are not helping at all. Extending out far enough nothing is important and everything in pointless. The Earth will inevitably end and so will our universe. While that may fill you with some form of despair or depression, I humbly ask you to see the beauty in a pointless universe. When no point exists at all, you decide what has a point.

For us we have decided that the environment has a point and we keep trying to do better.  We do this because we can. We are not pushed by some delusion that our relatively simple actions will save the world. However, we do hope that it inspires others to take action. After all, “Saving the world” is a team sport and the team needs to be made up of all of us. -M-

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